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Volga Bend

Volga Bend is a small boutique hotel based in Russia. Incorporating the local history and aesthetic were very important aspects of this project. The town has been a fishing village for as long as its existence and is recognizable by the bright colors, mixed patterns, and quirky sculptures throughout the village. 

Comm ll First floor spaceplan VELLUM.jpg


Comm ll Lobby 1.png

Volga Bend embodies the rich art and history of the 400 year old city, while encompassing new technology and modernism.  Balancing the new Samara with the old, Volga Bend displays unity of both the city's rich history as well as its cutting edge technology. A luxury hotel located on the banks of the historic Volga River, takes its inspiration from the diverse architecture all around the city, as well as the rich landscapes that the Volga River brings with it. Carving some of the  nation's most breathtaking views as it merges with the Samara  River in the heart of the Zhiguli Mountains. Unparalleled design is evident in every aspect of Volga Bend. The variety of style and form, from the sushi bar to the bistro. Creating balance and rhythm that is carried out in to  the rest of the Hotel with fearless color and texture. A large fish feature will be incorporated to bring in the life and culture of the Volga River. This iconic art piece Screams Samara  culture in all of its greatness.

Comm ll Lobby 3.png
Comm ll lobby 2.png


Comm ll Second floor spaceplan VELLUM.jpg
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Comm ll 2nd floor 2.png
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